Risk Management & International Markets

In the context of an international economic , the pillar is the creation of new opportunities by opening up the markets. However, grow and internationalize business involves increased risks that needs to be measured and managed effectively

Credit risk, Commercial Risk, Banking Risk, Contractual Risk, …. Exporter life is not a long, quiet river. 

Capacity to generate regular flow of revenue with reliable customers is more fundametal in the international markets

Companies having a solid and long standing experience in international markets characterised by a wide variety of risks which will be taken into account when export decisions are made. They Ballance carrefully Risks and opportunities relating to the export and base their decision on up-to-date information. they institutionalize The Risk management practices and awareness to importance of potentials risks management. 

Export markets risks cannot be ignored in particular for SMEs since they have fewer reserves than large companies to cover and amortise costs and are at a much higher risk of being insolvent.

Business Developement Outsourcing to firms well established in export markets and experts of theirs local business process is one solution with wish to overcome risks.

This form of partnership provide :

Professionalism : Companies sub-contractors have the same advandages than large companies. They federate better expertises and experiences for maximum efficiency

Flexibility : Cooperation adapted as needed and goals 

Security : Every risk will be investigated and reduced with better visibility and anticipation 

Tranparency : In order to create, develop and maintain a regular flow of two-way communication  

Economy of Scale : Lower costs (financal investment) than to export alone

High speed processing : They all benefit from the international Task Force immediatly operational 

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