Companies that already operating in the North African Markets need to objectively evaluates what your business needs to make sure it’s headed in the right direction.

A business assessment ensures your business has what it needs to deliver on your goals. It helps you expand and grow your business in a way that is smart and strategic. It provides a solid foundation for making sound decisions for your business.

And, most importantly, the real power of a business assessment is the process itself guaranteed that your company has a clear view of the gap between the actual export performance level and the un exploited potential and thereby it defines the necessary actions to achieve the performance potential.

The challenge is to assess the export’s real performance and  play a key role in identifying and overcoming barriers to market growth.

Growing a business is an ongoing learning opportunity and your business assessment helps identify the learning on your horizon.

The assessment criteria, although they are specific to each company, are centralized on:

  • The existing performance level of network/ distribution process versus the potential markets.
  •  Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your Business.
  • The mixed marketing positioning of your brands on markets
  • Provides a foundation for smart business decisions