The strategic Diagnostic of your Business is the first step in assessing your export potential in North Africa wish enables to define a clear specific and successful sales and marketing strategy.

New country, new culture, new values and new environment. Wish represents a lever in your local markets can prove to be a barrier elsewhere. It is therefore necessary to take into account the consumption pattern, competition, legislation … in the countries to which you are exporting.

The companies succeeding indeed in export markets has been driven first by the adequacy of the brands/products and markets.

The goal is to identify the precise links between your brands/products, customers, suppliers, investments and partners to improve your competitive edge in the marketplace.

This step ensures that all exports markets relevant benefits are taken into account.

The fundamentals are:

  • Evaluate the potential offer brands/image according to the specificities of North African Markets
  • Competitive positioning analysis of brand/Image in the local Markets
  • Define Clear Strategic Implementation (  detailed market entry plan)